We’re excited to inform you all that we are running this platform fully author based. If you feel or want to write open-source articles as an author, feel free to send an email to 📧 [email protected]. Let’s make open-source more awesome together ❤.

This is very limited opportunity because we will be closing this application registration soon. All the best 👍


  1. Do we own our content?
    • Yes, you own you content and can do any modification as far as it will meet our community standards.
    • You will get your separate author profile on this platform.
    • You will have your own account credentials.
  2. Do I get any rewards or pay while publishing article?
    • As we are testing this platform and its only 4 months old, there is nothing that motivates writing a better-quality content when there is no reward. We truly believe this and we will definitely come up with a better solution. We don’t use any ad services on this portal because we don’t want to sell any users information that’s why we kept this portal fully open-source.
  3. How will an author get rewarded?
    • We will integrate “Sponsor Author” and “BuyMeACoffee” under ever author’s profile and post. We all love best content? right? This platform will make sure quality content will be served. Your contribution will get attention.
  4. Any other query?

Remember: We accept only original work! Once your application is accepted by us, we will send you detailed do’s and don’ts and full details. In your email we will ask few questions, before finalizing authors account.